When you order from me please be aware of the following.

No changes to your shipping address once ordered though paypal.

My spinners are NOT made and ready to go. I have frames ready and customize each piece by specifications you enter on my site. Each spinner is made by me and shipped with the help of my family. This is a side business and if you found me on Instagram you know I’m good at this hobby, but I’m a teacher and parent as well, Those passions can sometimes create delay.

I currently have a large wait list.

I require patience to complete orders since each spinner is made via custom methods.


If a spinner is damaged in shipment, we will utilize USPS insurance to recover funds. By ordering from me you agree to follow that process and not make claims against me on PayPal.

If you damage a spinner and would like me to repair it, I can take a look at your issue. The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. I work in order and repairs and communication can take time.

When ordering from me I provide a tracking number via PayPal.

THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOUR ITEM IS SHIPPED. I generate a tracking USPS slip in order to print out the packing slip which contains the details of your order.

I will work hard to provide updated estimates of completion times at the top of my site. Questions regarding “if I have shipped yet” should be reserved until a week after that estimate has lapsed.

I don’t advertise for spin time. I don’t guarantee a specific spin time. I have done extensive work to ensure a quality product, but once a spinner leaves my hands it is the responsibility of the end user to maintain it and clean it through proven methods.
There are no returns on my items.

By purchasing you agree to use your spinner as a fidget item and not as a projectile. Never throw your spinner as it can damage the device or its surroundings.  

THERE ARE NO RETURNS.  I will look at your spinner and assess a replacement fee at the time of inspection.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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