Terms To Order

Each is handmade and tuned by me


Thank you for your interest in Tomalock Beaded Spinners:

I am the creator of this spinner and the inventor of this beaded fidget device. My focus and fidget is my center. You will end up playing with the bead in my fidget far more than spinning.

If you are interested in my product please contact me. If you are interested in a bulk or custom order please contact me. I always respond but may be teaching or with my children at the time of your email. Please see my Instagram for up to date pictures and video of my product. I will continue to improve so check back periodically and go ahead and give one a try while you wait.

Made by Greg Smith in Illinois:



I will be happy to look at your spinner. Return shipping will be charged to the customer in the case of repairs.

As you continue to learn about this hobby you will develop your own ways to care for your spinner. I’m always here to give advice. If it takes time for me to respond remember to be patient I will respond to all questions as they come in.

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