How to care for & clean your Tomalock Beaded Fidget Spinner:

  1. Don’t abuse your spinner. If the parts become loose the bearings can become unseated. Depending on how loose a bearing is it may only need to be snapped back into place or in some cases it needs to be glued back into place. Use a minimal amount of high strength glue taking care not to get any on the outside of the body or the internals of the bearing itself. Press against a flat level surface when adjusting a bearing.

  2. Dirt, pocket lint, and foreign objects. There are multiple ways to clean out your bearing. Most of the time a little rubbing alcohol and canned air worked in and repeated will do the trick. In some cases plastic safe electronics cleaner can also be used on the bearing internals. Never use WD-40 or oil on your spinner. It doesn’t need it and will only slow it down.

  3. The bead. The bead is one of the reasons you have this spinner and not one of the endless capped spinners out there. Not all beads are the same. If you have a marble or bead that has cracked. Don’t try to remove the rest. I will be happy to look at it for you. If the bead has come out of it seating. A small amount of high strength glue will be needed to re-attach the bead.


I will be happy to look at your spinner. Return shipping will be charged to the customer in the case of repairs.

As you continue to learn about this hobby you will develop your own ways to care for your spinner. I’m always here to give advice. If it takes time for me to respond remember to be patient I will respond to all questions as they come in.

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