Tomalock Spinners was on the forefront of spinning fidgets when they hit. I have been perfecting my spinner design helping it to simply perform.

I run this small business with pride and believe in this product. I am a special education teacher in Illinois and started making these when I wrote a grant to get a 3D Printer for my school. I quickly hit on fidgets as a product to help students I teach with dexterity and appropriate use of focus and energy. So many fidgets out there are not functional and quickly become items people see as not age appropriate. These items are age appropriate for a wide variety of individuals. Since this project I have tried out a half dozen printers on my own to find the best fit for spinners.

I have a background in graphic design and education. The two fields have allowed me to think outside the box when problem solving. I saw spinning as two dimensional, and like many fidgets, it has the potential to quickly become boring to the individual using it.

I developed a simple concept called the “Fidget Bead” to give the end user something to focus on above spinning. Finger transfer tricks, multiple ways to fidget, and even games are all possible with the “Fidget Bead” Spinner.


I have tested a wide variety of steel and hybrid ceramic bearings for the middle of my product. I have located what I believe are the two best for my spinner. I continue to use bearings on the outside as my weights because I feel it gives more fidgeting options. Those bearings come in multiple colors and types.

Steel bearings offer a slightly quitter experience but ceramic hybrid offers additional durability and smoothness. I feel plastic spinners offer a more pleasing sound than metal spinners. I don’t guarantee spin times but I do try and push my times and feel I am above what other plastic spinners currently accomplish. I have a process that works very well.

My frame is printed on one of the best 3D printers available. I print at slow speeds and stress quality prints. I use internal technology to help secure my bearings.

My spinners might look simple but it’s the inside and quality that counts.  I have a simple concept to match. Make the best spinner, that can be used, and fidgeted with. A design that won’t go out of style.

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